End of 2009

Between the years Lars and me usually try to calm down, exhale and focus by humming ourselves into mystical trance. We read each others palms, stare at the crystal ball and try to foresee as much of the future as possible.

It seems as if 2010 promises an eclectic mix of visual awakening and fresh retina stimulus - which is surprising after all the great work we were allowed to witness in 2009. The Pictoplasma Berlin Festival, scheduled for April 9th and 10th, is clearly manifesting itself as the character gathering of the year. We also predict a spiritual Early Bird offering, ending 1st of February! It's slightly foggy, but oh, what's that? Piles and piles of exotic envelops with "eye candy" written all over them!
Maybe because the deadline for animation entries is yet to come - which is the 1st of February, until when you all have time to send in your animated jewels.


The pendulum points towards Lars, then me, then Lars again - meaning that the real magic of the Pictoplasma Festival unfolds during the cosmic speaker seances.
Oh look: the first batch of officially confirmed lectures at the upcoming Festival manifests itself! Ville Savimaa of Finland, whose illustrations bounce between the best dreams you’ve ever had and your worst nightmares! South African wunderkind Ree Treweek from The Blackheart Gang produces gorgeous, darkly surreal illustrations, beautifully complex, multi layered and impossible to put in words. And our long time favourite Canadians Fluorescent Hill, just having completed an animated music video for N.A.S.A., so slick, highly stylised and of stunning, detailed precision.
All of the above and many more will enlighten you at the nearing festival, as long as you manage to ensure your physical attendance. That's what the pendulum says.


May the pendulum swing as it wants, tomorrow we're off to Bordeaux, the centre of all things other-worldly, as we've been told. Jared Gradinger, soul mate and curator of the Les Grandes Traversées Festival "How Do You Are: There Goes the Neighbourhood", has invited us to present our latest findings in the field of character spirituality.
If you’re in the Bordeaux area, drop by: We and a professional medium will be awaiting you in an old antique store, as the magical character cards reveal your inner secrets. The PicTarot is our answer to the Tarot deck of Aleister Crowley, and only a foreshadow of what to expect in terms of 2010 publications...


That's enough prediction and esoteric nonsense for 2009, but prepare for more of the same next year.

Meanwhile, please accept our best wishes for all you are about to experience between the years, and, even more so, for a successful and fulfilling 2010...

Yours faithfully,

peter and lars

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