January 2010
Apart from it being our 10th birthday, Pictoplasma's transit from one year to the next was more of a rough ride than we've expected. After spending 72 hours at various icy European airports and train stations, Lars somehow managed to make it to Bordeaux just in time for the premiere of our brand new deck of Tarot cards - only to find himself attacked by some wild french discordian, who seriously disliked our spin on the topic. Subsequently spending new year's eve in a hospital didn't make things better, so we decided to hold back the release until Esoterics encounter a new, less hostile revival.


Now that we've both calmed down and 2010 seems to gradually point back in the right direction, we want to share our first, optimistic batch of good vibes with the new decade. Additionally to the previously announced Pictoplasma Festival speakers, Fluorescent Hill, Ville Savimaa and Ree Treweek, the line-up has meanwhile grown into a diverse and inspiring investigation of character design and art in all it's glorious incarnations:

With roots tracing back to graffiti, MyMo creates "monsters" related to the classic Graffiti Character understanding, while reaching far beyond. Combining flashy colours and geometrical patterns with character recognition value, her work has graced numerous exhibitions, publications, skateboard decks and - needless to say - streets of all mayor urban cityscapes.


Represented by Hornet Inc as a director, Peter de Sève is famed for his illustration work and cover art to The New Yorker since 1993, but he is also undoubtably one of the leading character designers in today's animated-film industry. Peter is responsible for the unforgettable characters of block-busters such as "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", "Mulan" or "Finding Nemo" and was the sole designer on "Ice Age" and its sequels, yet his "Scrat" clearly overshadows the entire cast and turned into a world-wide icon.


All this plus more is awaiting you character connoisseurs from April 9 to 10 in the heart of Berlin! And while there are still plenty of announcements concerning the Pictoplasma Berlin Festival to follow, you might want to consider snapping into action now.
Our limited Early Bird offer, saving you up to 50,- Euros, is about to end in 2 weeks! Don't panic, think it through, and hit this link before the 1st of February.

(The 1st of February should be marked in red on your calendars anyway as the deadline for animation entries to reach us.)


And finally, as a little bonus track, we've added another online Pictoplasma Talk for your viewing pleasure. This time it's a 7 minute edit of AJ Fosik's presentation back in March 2009 at the Pictopia Festival, where he shed some light on his meticulous working method, shared inspiration and stunned the audience with a presentation of his beautifully elaborate sculptures.

What a wonderful way to start the year...

Take care, be safe and see you this April,

peter and lars

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