April, 2010
Kitteh Kitteh

Once again our newsletter takes you on an emotional roller-coaster ride: This time it's going to be up - and down - and up - and even higher - and down again! Here we go...

Good news first:
In just one week, the Pictoplasma Berlin Festival 2010 opens its gates to more than 500 happy international visitors, all snuggled together in the centre of Berlin, enjoying the very best in contemporary character design reclaiming it's narrative origins! Over 200 jewels of critter finesse will hit the big screen, spiced by lectures and presentations by the creme de la creme of today's makers and shakers in the fields of character design, animation, motion graphics and art. This and more is happening April 9 and 10.
Details on the entire event are up on our site and can be marvelled at if you hit this link.


Then some bad news:
All online festival passes are sold out. That means no comfortable big screen animations for you and no easy access shoulder-rubbing with the likes of Peter de Seve, Fluorescent Hill, Luke Ramsey or Ree Treweek. The information on our website is not more but a silent, stinging reminder of what could have been...

BUT STOP! You don't actually have to miss any of the above: We have held back a limited amount of Full Festival passes for those showing up early at the venue on Friday, the 9th, between 12:00 and 14:00. First come, first served, cash only. After that, upon availability, individual tickets for single screenings and lecture slots will be sold 15 minutes before each seance.

Fons Schiedon

More good news:
If you happen to be in or close to Berlin during the festival, but don't feel like the entire treatment, there are several risk-free occasions for you to randomly dip in and out.
All animation programs will be on rotation at the venue's second screen and await you during the entire Festival whenever you're ready.
You can also get your fix at the saturday night character overdose party on the 10th of April. Simply find your way to the .HBC, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9, and starting from 10 pm you'll be embraced by characters mingling to the sound of Jackson & his computer band, Purita D and a live performance by Krach der Roboter.
Additionally, on Thursday the 8th, around 6 pm, you can join us for the pre-festival opening of "Pen to Paper" at the gallery artSPACE, Linienstrasse 109. The exhibition offers an exquisite selection of original work by artists such as Allyson Mellberg Taylor, Andrew James Jones, Ian Stevenson, Yu Matsuoka and many more. A show by the very same artists (including an exquisite wall drawing by Shoboshobo) is still on view until April 23 at the great Concrete Hermit in London, after which it travels to Paris Galerie LJ, so if that's your respective home turf, please go and enjoy.

Concrete Hermit

Best news ever:
Even if you can't make it to Berlin, you can still bring the very best of the festival and exhibition goodness to your own home entertainment system or book shelve, thanks to our latest 2 Pictoplasma publications: Characters in Motion Vol. 3, a 64-page book with 3-hour dvd, features the festival's very best and all time favourite character populated worlds of over 40 forwardlooking, stylistically outstanding studios, animators and designers. And last but certainly not least Pen to Paper, a lovingly hard covered compilation of the most adventurous images from a global scene of artists, working mainly with a pen or analogue techniques such as water color, ink or collage to create untamed, edgy and exceptional beings.

Pen to Paper

And a final dose of bad news:
If none of the above is an option, instead of diving in head first with 3D glasses provided by us, you only get to experience the official opener by Fons Schiedon in lousy you-tube quality here.

So now you' ve seen it all... and we hope to see you all next weekend.

peter and lars

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