June, 2010
Festival 2010

The following newsletter kicks off with warm feelings of gratitude, goes through a phase of mislead tagging - and ends in poisonous envy. Here we go...

We start with a huge shout out to all of you who joined us this April for the Pictoplasma Berlin Festival 2010 (pictured above): Thank you for the energetic, visually challenging and inspiring days! Now that the event is a precious little thing of the past, we're already tempted to toy with possible ingredients for the next big get-together.

Meanwhile, we've spent far too much time trying to make the teaser edit for our freshly released 'Characters in Motion - Vol.3' DVD trend on Twitter, by attaching random #justinbieber, #vuvuzela and #procrastination tags all over the place. #fail!
This time, please allow a profane link to point you in its direction:



The 4.5 minute appetiser is pleasant to the eye, safe for work, and lovingly mashed up from the animated jewels of over 40 outstanding studios, animators and designers, such as Asterokid, Marc Craste, Fluorescent Hill, McBess, Joanna Lurie, Satoru Ohno, David OReilly, Bruno Mayor, Paul Rayment, Fons Schiedon, Joel Trussell, Julia Pott, W+K Tokyo Lab and many more.

If you're up for the full treatment, the 3rd volume of our series including an epic 3 hour DVD can be yours at our online outlet http://publishing.pictoplasma.com - which also happens to be the only place where you'll additionally get a free bonus set of 3D red-cyan anaglyph glasses (come in handy when viewing Fons' obscure opener animation or browsing through the shady menus)!

3rd Volume, 3hours, 3D!

Speaking of shade: currently Berlin is going through one of its extremely rare sunny patches. Obviously, most of the time, it isn't. So during the cold, dark and locked-away office hours we often honk our #vuvuzela in envy, knowing that our costumed character friends from the PictoOrphanage are currently partying back and forth through the time-zones, chilling at exotic beaches, hanging out in stretch limousines with #JustinBieber or indulging in bizarre group orgies at the Expo Shanghai.

This got us thinking: Why?


Our PICTOPLASMA ON TOUR labeled revenge will bring the unique mix of screenings, lectures and artist presentations on the road and us hopefully out of our office. All of this to be revealed in the next mail-out, along with news on upcoming publications, updates to our online-talk section and the return of the mysterious PicTarot.

Now back to the #worldcup!

Always yours

#peter, #lars and the #failwhale

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