Femke Hiemstra

As the upcoming Pictoplasma Berlin Festival nears, and our contingent of conference tickets is gradually thinning, here's another heap of information on what to expect from this April's character madness:

Pictoplasma Berlin 2012
Festival of contemporary character design and art
11. - 15. April

Nicely surrounded by a plethora of exhibitions, performances, screenings and parties, right at the heart of the happening, the Pictoplasma Conference awaits you for a 3 day ride though the diverse worlds of more than 30 extraordinary artists.

Raymond Lemstra
Meanwhile we have a new batch of speakers to share: Femke Hiemstra, creator of an endless bestiary of surrealistic creatures, will allow insight into her universe filled with card playing snowmen, lollipop ship captains and giant strawberry wrestlers.
Grant Orchard, BAFTA winning and Oscar nominated animation director at Studio aka, will prove his expertise if it comes to moving a whole bunch of small shapes around - in style.
Raymond Lemstra will share some samples of his latest work, playfully resampling iconic references such as indigenous art, Magical Realism and Bauhaus.
Artist duo Sauerkids take the big stage to present their ongoing mash-up of innocent childhood imagery with the mental confusion of everyday life.
And Joel Trussell, famed for his congenial videos for M. Ward, Kid606 and Jason Forrest, reveals his secret recipe to achieve the perfect mix of appeal, disturbance and irreverence, topped with a few modest WTF sprinkles.

Character Lab

For the first time in 2012, every afternoon the spacious Character Lab opens up at nearby .HBC and invites all conference attendees to get even deeper into character.

This is where international artists, conference speakers and film makers share their skills in concentrated classroom settings, while additional panels, lectures and talks expand the further possibilities of character creation, ranging from the art of glass blowing à la Bee Kingdom all the way to the production of elaborate sound design with David Kamp.

The Character Lab also encourages you all to get active in the atmosphere of intimate workshops and open jam sessions. Picture yourself sitting in a live drawing class with imaginary models, caught in the act of linocut with art-collective Jeanspezial, making fanzines with Andy Rementer, mastering the transition from flat to the 3rd dimension with Mark Gmehling or personally skipping through all levels of indy game production with Nathan Jurevicius.

Joel Trussell

Now add on top the visual delights of eye popping animation programs illuminating the big screen, with the latest jewels by Beeple, Yves Geleyn, Hornet, Nomint or Peppermelon pilled up to stimulate your retinas, and you'll end up with more than enough good reasons to snap into action.

Head on over and reserve your full character treatment.


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This month's super-cool images by conference speakers Femke Hiemstra, Raymond Lemstra, the CharacterLab at .HBC and Joel Trussell (top to bottom).

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