APRIL 2012

Here we go: Tomorrow the PICTOPLASMA FESTIVAL 2012 inflates itself to full proportion, welcoming you all as you snuggle together in the heart of Berlin and enjoy the very best of today's character design and art.
At this point online registration for the central conference is no longer available - BUT...

2012, here we come!

...we've held back a tiny amount of full conference passes for all of you showing up early on April 11, from 13:00 onward, at the central Character Walk station .HBC! The .HBC is also the perfect starting point for a comfortable stroll through all participating CHARACTER WALK EXHIBITIONS, many of which celebrate their openings with a little reception in the early evening. The same day, starting from 21:00, it's baloon-twisting time as we flock together for the opening party in one of the city's most classy ballrooms, the BALLHAUS BERLIN.

The main PICTOPLASMA CONFERENCE will take place at the BABYLON (April 12 - 14), and just a few blocks down the road, the .HBC awaits you for the parallel CHARACTER LAB, a programme full of further presentations, workshops, jam sessions and performances, lasting until late at night.

Pictoplasma Doomsday Parade

If you don't feel like signing in for the entire flight, there are plenty of risk-free occasions for you to randomly dip in and out. Besides the numerous CHARACTER WALK EXHIBITIONS (all free entry and open daily from April 11 - 15), our brand new ANIMATION SCREENING PROGRAMMES (including filmmaker Q&As) at the BABYLON await you daily at 20:00 from April 12 - 14, with additional re-runs, Best-ofs and kids programmes on rotation at the venue's second screen on Friday and Saturday.

You can also fly high at the Saturday night POST-PICTOPLASMA PARTY finale. Simply find your way to the .HBC on the 14th, and starting from 22:00 you'll be surrounded by characters floating about to the fluorescent sounds of Ryo HumanElectro Fujimoto (Beat Box), Rhythm Monks (Live), Lars Moston (DJ) and Petula Black Sperm (DJ).

View Opener

If, for whatever reason, none of the above is an option, why not at least lean back and participate in sprit, by virtually joining our little Pictoplasma Doomsday Parade in this year's OFFICIAL FESTIVAL OPENER by 2012 conference speakers Sehsucht...

Ready for liftoff,

peter and lars

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This month's eye candy taken from the official opener of the
2012 Pictoplasma Festival Berlin (Doomsday Edition)

Director: Mate Steinforth
Music and Sounddesign: David Kamp

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