There's no more hiding or denying it - and even our desperate attempts to hijack the selfie craze will not change the inevitable fact: this year we turn officially OLD!
And we intend to do so bright eyed, bushy tailed and with a festive bang in your company, at the...

10th Anniversary Edition
Contemporary Character Design and Art Conference and Festival
30 April – 4 May 2014


After a full decade of tirelessly celebrating the wondrous world of character-driven visuals, our upcoming 10th anniversary edition awaits you for a special firework of inspiration, joyous play, and grown-up networking. The jubilee conference is crowned by a truly epochal line-up of outstanding artists: apart from previously announced conference speakers such as Tim Biskup, James Jarvis, Diana Beltran Herrera or Buff Monster, we can confirm the participation of Ben Bocquelet (UK/FR), creator of the famed "Amazing World of Gumball"; Benjamin Van Oost (BE), sculptor extraordinaire of Toykyo and Case Studyo glory; …


...Nychos (AT), master of dissected urban art and bigger than life anatomical murals; Amanda Visell (USA), lovingly updating the iconic graphic population of 1950s America; Craig Redman (AUS/USA), sharing his cyclopean view on all things high and low via his Darcel Disappoints alter-ego; Mikey Please (UK), award winning filmmaker and animation wunderkind; and Bubi Au Yeung (HK), internationally known for her heart-warming Treeson character.


Additionally, the Character Walk, a 20-stop exhibition tour, beckons from galleries and showrooms throughout Berlin Mitte and Neukölln, with must-see highlights such as the first-ever Pictoplasma Academy group show featuring the talent of the forty international participants of our new master-class, and a central Ancestral Portrait Gallery housing brand new works by the 100 most influential artists, designers, illustrators, and filmmakers who have shaped the Pictoplasma project over the past 100 years.


As if that weren't enough, endless eye-candy, psychedelia, and storytelling is set to illuminate the big screen during the animation programmes, and open-end club nights offer those of you insatiable full-body immersion into the exuberance of Characters in Rhythm – culminating of course in one colossal birthday bash.
While we expect to be sold out well before the event kicks off, full Conference registration is currently still possible at

There is so much more 2014 related news to follow shorty, but for now - at our age - we've been advised to take it one step at a time…

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This month's eye-candy from top to bottom: Our current call for entries: CHARACTER SELFIES (deadline for submissions coming up soon!), Gumball galore by Conference speaker Ben Bocquelet, a little rabbit dissection by speaker Nychos, some face-to-face Treeson time by Bubi Au Yeung, and animation sneak peak thanks to

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