APRIL 2014

We know, you probably have better things to do right now than reading, let alone a newsletter, right? Especially if it's all about something that's still far away, like 4 weeks - in the future.

Stop right there! We encourage you to give the below information a minute and think things through. A decision you are about to make this very moment will determine what you'll be doing in 30 days.

Today in exactly one month, aka 4 weeks, the 10th Pictoplasma Berlin Festival and Conference honors a decade of character excellence by celebrating its anniversary. We look forward to welcoming 600 international conference attendees, 20 great speakers on the conference stage, 300+ minutes of brand new animations illuminating the big screen, 15 exquisite Character Walk exhibitions spread throughout the city centre, one huge, central Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery presenting original works by the 100 most influential character artists of all times, 1000 interconnected #CharacterSelfies spread over a mighty wall of crazy, and a massive Birthday Party, followed by a massive Birthday hang-over. All of this and more will happen in Berlin from April 30 to May 4. (Pizza not included)


Unfortunately it might all happen without you. Already now, 4 weeks before the festival even kicks off, all conference passes are basically sold out. There's only a very small amount of tickets left, and they will be gone soon. If you want to be a part of the above madness, you'd need to act now.


See you end of this month?

peter and lars

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Character above by conference speaker & character walk exhibiting artist Kimiaki Yaegashi aka Okimi.

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