November, 2010

Christmas is nowhere in sight, but here at Pictoplasma, we are already illuminated by low-key candle light, surrounded by clouds of incense and have started to get all spiritual with another. OK, the reason isn't exactly seasonal. It's the release of our brand new PicTarot!
And while we're carefully placing the cards in front of us, happily predicting each other's future for the 15th time in a row, it suddenly hits us that Christmas is actually just around the corner.

So we snapped into action, and here's the result: Exclusively at our Pictoplasma online shop, and only for a very short time, we offer you our high-quality character publications and heart warming gadgets for a next-to-nothing amount of cash. All prices even include packaging and shipment, no matter where you are!


The PicTarot is our character spin on all things mystical: Iconic creatures from the stars of today's character design reveal their secret powers and tell your fortune. Following the logic of Aleister Crowley's Tarot, the 22 cards of the Major Arcana help you find answers to all your questions.

Yours for only 12,50 EURO
Little Aaron
A quirky, spill and spit resistant board book re-imagination of the childhood friends you always dreamed of. During a visit back home Aaron Stewart re-discovered the old picture albums of his childhood and decided to populate his past anew, with the friendly characters he always wanted to be surrounded by.

Yours for only 12,- EURO
Characters in Motion


The complete Characters in Motion DVD 1 to 3 compilation puts you through more than 10 hours of character extravaganza, over 200 animated jewels - enough to make even the toughest brain melt! This must be the ultimate eye-candy meets psychedelia ride!

89,70 Get them all for only 50,- EURO

Pen to Paper

Pen to Paper lovingly showcases the key players of the current 'DIY art', 'fractured figuration' or 'new psychedelic folk' craze, including Allison Schulnik, Ian Stevenson, Allyson Mellberg Taylor, John Casey, Luke Ramsey, Shoboshobo, Andrew James Jones, Lane Hagood, Kerozen...

39,90 Only 25,- EURO



pictoplasmaThe world's only book to deliver all you ever need to know on the topic of contemporary character design and art. Assembles texts and works by international artists and theorists, investigating the aesthetic principle of reduction and abstraction in the design of anthropomorphic characters.

40,00 Only 25,- EURO


Gangpol + Mit

pictoplasmaGangpol & Mit's DVD brings sonic and visuals in love to your home entertainment system! Behind the technicolor frenzy of DIY entertainment, an absurd and uncanny dimension unfolds: hit-and-run canine casualties, technological voodoo apocalypse and terrorist confetti exploding everywhere.

19,95 Only 12,- EURO



pictoplasmaAs the ultimate gift for a loved one, or a true treat for yourself, how about a one week character celebration at the upcoming Pictoplasma Festival Berlin 2011? Register now and save serious Euros with our limited early bird offer:

Only 140,- EURO

Make sure to get your Christmas gifts and stocking fillers in time! No matter how spiritual we might feel, our special offerings will need to end on 10 December 2010 - after that everything is back to grey old normal and our non-esotheric prices re-apply...

At least that's what the cards have predicted.


Yours eternally,

Peter and Lars

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