Pictoplasma and Tarot is PicTarot

After years of intense research, an ongoing considerate character selection process and some occasional esoteric experimentation, our very own deck of Tarot has found its way into the world.

During the recent Pictoplasma Tour we had many opportunities to test the cards' mystical eye candy on innocent attendees and are now ready for phase two: as of today we and our friends from Delicious Toys officially release the PicTarot's second incarnation -

PicTarot, the iPhone App!

What's wrong with casual divination?

Perfect for casual divination and in-depth spiritual investigation alike, the iPhone/Pad/Pod app now offers ALL of the 78 Major and Minor Arcana cards graced by strikingly fitting imagery, ready to decipher your unconscious, gain clarity about your future path, help you get over your last relationship and discover the hidden answers you carry within yourself - while pleasing the eye with the very best of contemporary character design.
And to top it all off: "Rated 9+ for Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes"!

Now head on over to or straight to the iTunes' app store: you've never been closer to eternal wisdom - for just a few cents!

old-school suggestive themes!

All of you unwilling to rely on a battery charge for spiritual enlightenment can always trust on a candle and the old fashioned, PicTarot card deck, available in our online store. The haptic deck offers you the additional thrill of playing your favorite card game, be it Poker or the historic Tarot de Marseille.

By the way: many other great character driven publication populate our online outlet, which - as we speak - could be yours for next to nothing during our special Xmas offer. Come to think of it, maybe this is the solution to all of your seasonal present problems? But don't waste any time consulting the stars, our drastic reductions are about to come to a sudden halt this coming friday, the 10th of December, as soon as the sun kisses the horizon...

candlelight revelations

The best reason why to be all positive about the future is undoubtably the coming of our Pictoplasma Festival Berlin, taking place in April. More about the luscious character festivities, the numerous presenting artists, the irresistible Early Bird offer, the ongoing call for animation entries and the return of the Pictoplasma Residency… all of this will be the topic of our December newsletter part 2, in your mailbox by the end of this week. 100% free of spiritual nonsense, we promise.

Now go and reveal your inner character,

peter and lars

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