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As promised here comes the last and final newsletter of 2010 - and in it you'll find several CALLS FOR ENTRIES, all nicely stacked upon each other, and all concerning the...

immerse yourself in character
06. - 09. APRIL 2011

Early April the Pictoplasma Festival 2011 in Berlin stages the world's leading and largest celebration of contemporary character design and art, with a dense program of inspiring artist presentations, conference lectures, animation festival, workshops, installations, character walk exhibitions, performances, VJ battles and all-night parties!
First confirmed speakers, exhibiting artists and presenting participants include McBess (FR), Keita Takahashi (JP), Nick Cave (USA), Ville Saavima (FN), Rilla Alexander (AUS/DE), Ryan Quincy (USA), SFA (DE), Ben & Julia (CH/FR), Amandine Urruty (FR), Jeremyville (AUS), Roman Klonek (DE) and many, many more…

Roman Klonek at Pictoplasma 2011

One main ingredient of the Festival are the Animation screenings, and as always we rely on you to share your latest excursions into the world of moving characters.

Call for Entries: Animation Screenings

All information of where to send what - as long as it's accompanied by a valid entry form - can be found here: - The last possible date for your entry to be added to the big screen mix is the 15th of January.

Next year's Festival will also be accompanied by a vast series of exhibitions throughout the city-centre of Berlin, welcoming all attendees as the official warm-up event. The Character Walk starts on Tuesday, April 6th, and guides you through more than 25 galleries, project spaces and art institutions, all displaying exquisite art, installations and group-shows.

Jeremy Dower at Character Walk 2011

Here's where you come in: We have reserved one very special space for the most surprising and convincing character related exhibition proposal.

Call for Entries: Pictoplasma Residency

Brought to life by Pictoplasma and DISK/club transmediale, the Residency grants 10 days of free accommodation in Berlin, a modest-yet-reasonable amount of production money and the well respected project space "General Public" in the center of Berlin - all at the disposal of an up-coming artist to present personal work to a wide, international and interested audience. We are looking forward to see your wildest, most daring yet stylistically sure-footed character exhibition proposals and can't wait to help make one of them happen. All details on how to apply here: - Deadline for your entries is - again - the 15th of January.

Gediminas Šiaulys Resident 2009

And finally, before we all sign off, pull the plug and enjoy the transition from one year to the next, please allow us to remind you that our Early Bird offer giving you full access to all of the precious 2011 Festival's offerings will also end on January the 15th. So head on over to and secure your ticket for a character filled 2011.

Seasons greetings from the two of us,

peter and lars

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