Burger. Now!

With little more than 3 weeks left, no wonder that our craving for a fat, honest, XXL American Burger™ has grown to perverted proportion. Good to know that soon we'll finally find ourselves in the very epicenter of exquisite fast food and juicy cuisine:
New York City.

Of course, our journey is not truely of a culinary nature:


This November 2+3, neatly sandwiched between Halloween and the Presidential elections, it's time for the 4th Pictoplasma NYC Conference - and with it comes a multitude of visually stimulating delights and original character eye candy for every taste bud...

Buff Monster Jason Freeny

The event has meanwhile grown into a full, 4 course menu: Adding themselves to the already impressive line-up of contributing artists, illustrators and designers we can confirm some mouth-watering new conference speakers, such as Buff Monster, master of all happy characters living in brightly colored ice-cream landscapes, as well as plastic surgeon Jason Freeny, famed for his anatomical exploration and reverse forensics to dissect popular toy's digestion systems and reveal eye popping illustrations and meticulously crafted sculptures.
Another addition is the character panel hosted by Steven Guarnaccia, featuring illustration/artist stars Olimpia Zagnoli, Mark Newgarden and Taylor McKimens, as they reveal the characters that they surround themselves with, and how these manage to seep into their work.
And also the accompanying big screen animation programs have snapped into place, offering an endless buffet of great motion truffles that today's visual maestros have cooked up for you.

Andy Rementer Nathan's Anniversary

During the festivities you'll be able to serve yourself to a fine selection of accompanying exhibitions, such as the 10 year Scarygirl anniversary exhibition by Nathan Jurevicius at Toy Tokyo's Underground Gallery, featuring the art work of over 100 artists from A (like Akinori Oishi) to Z like (ZombieKid Yuk).
Just around the block, celebrating its opening reception on the evening of the 1st of November, Cappellini SoHo waits you for a fine group show by the Pictoplasma NYC 2012 speakers, with original works and take-away pleasures by the likes of Julia Pott, Mark Gmehling, Anna Hrachovec, Andy Rementer, Gemma Correll, Ryan Quincy, Sonni Adrian and many more...

Should you, as we suppose, have a bit of a sweet tooth for all things character, avant-garde graphics and up-to-date illustration, this is the one event you are not allowed to miss in 2012!

And there's no reason why you should, just hop on over to our humble website and make your reservations to secure an extended weekend in character heaven...

Here you go:

Act local Oh Deer!

But wait, before we enter the plane to NYC we have one last nutritious fact to share:

Grand opening of the Pictoplasma Showroom on the 18th of October

Think global, act local? Not only do we organize international conferences and festivals, or ship our high quality book publications onto shelves in every corner of the world - now we also rearranged the kitchen of our Berlin office to serve as a Showroom for contemporary character design and art! From now on, if you're in the area, we await you every Friday and Saturday for exquisite exhibitions, character-driven installations, a stroll through our catalogue and fine offerings by great upcoming artists and established chefs.

This has been in the oven for quite some time, so we're excited to finally lift the lid and announce the Grand Opening of Pictoplasma's Kitchen. Join us in exactly one week, on Thursday, October 18, starting at 19h, for a very special treat:

Oh Deer!

Pictoplasma Showroom opening:
#1 Low Bros - Oh Deer

From October 18 to November 17, the Low Bros brothers Nerd and Qbrk are the first to unfold their mayhem in our cuisine, with a series of original paintings and a fittingly autumnal installation. Their unique style, an intricate fusion of geometrical shapes, mystical depths and expressive colors, playfully mixes two- and three-dimensional layers with a spice of natural and urban elements, creating beautifully executed characters that will leave you craving for more.

Bon appétit!

Peter and Lars

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This month's eye-candy (top to bottom) by conference speakers Anna Hrachovec, Buff Monster, Jason Freeny and Andy Rementer; NYC revisiting friend Nathan Jurevicius and finally 3x our new Showroom with lovely Low Bros!

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