March 2013

What could possibly be more pleasurable than an oversized, bloated, never-ending newsletter cloaking up your inbox on a lazy Wednesday afternoon? Or Thursday morning?
Nothing! Whenever this reaches you, do not delete it. Read it. Your procrastination will be awarded in numerous unexpected ways.

The challenge: With little less than 3 weeks left to make up your mind, it seems now or never to internalize what exactly would be expecting you, should you manage to find your way to Berlin this April 10-14. One thing is sure: Too much!
This year's Pictoplasma Festival is bursting at the seams, with 27 international artists presenting on 2 stages, 100 animations hitting the big screen, 30 exhibitions throughout the city to explore and 4 club nights adding up to a serious sleep deprivation!

Ori Toor


Grasp this:

The Pictoplasma Conference speakers list has by now completely grown out of proportion, with so many new additions that you'll need to scroll down imagery HERE for 5 minutes in order to take it all in. We have lined up a total of 27 artists lectures and are still holding a few bonus tracks up our sleeves.

Please excuse the shameless name dropping and linkage overload, but be our guest and feast your eyes on who'll be taking the stage: Anima Boutique (FI), Bakea (SP), Billy (UK), Jon Burgerman (UK), El Grand Chamaco (MX), mr clement (HK/UK), Jan De Coster (BE), Sue Doeksen (NL), Osian Efnisien (UK), Felt Mistress (UK), Max Gärtner (DE), Geneviève Gauckler (FR), Yeka Haski (RU), Anna Hrachovec (USA), Fabian Koppenhöfer (DE), Low Bros (DE), Francisco Miranda (ARG), Ted Parker (NL), Pepper Melon (ARG), Gal Shkedi (IL), Jeff Soto (USA), Will Sweeney (UK), Ori Toor (IL), Andrea Wan (DE), Olimpia Zagnoli (IT), Dana Zimmerling& Etsy (DE), Dante Zaballa (ARG), ...and counting!



All ingredients of the animation screenings have now been officially announced, presenting more than 100 leading characters in a cozy cinema setting, with a fine selection of shorts, motion graphics, experimental work and everything in between: Expect the latest and greatest by the likes of Chris Edser, Andy Martin, FriendsWithYou, Kristof Luyckx, Hibou Blaster, Alex Grigg, Lucas Zanotto, Joanne Lurie, Conor Finnegan, Julia Pott, Eamonn O' Neill, ... with many of the film makers present and engaging in lively Q&A sessions after each screening premiere.
Prepare for a true animation armageddon on the big screen by adoring a lot of colourful images in these tiny boxes!

The Jeff Wall

You still reading? OK:

As extension and foyer to the Pictoplasma Conference, the nearby PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin opens its gates – to the stunning architecture of 34 stacked freight containers.
This is where the conference attendees and speakers come together for spontaneous doodle sessions, workshops and art performances: Jeff Soto will be working on his large scale mural (the Jeff Wall), Osian Efnisien, LowBros or Genevieve Gauckler spread their trademark characters in live painting performances and Felt Mistress demonstrates the fine art of soft sculptures crafting.
To allow you to get hands-on yourself, Sue Doeksen lovingly installs a temporary stop motion studio arena, Anna Hrachovec recruits daring knitters to create an army of wooly monsters and a new generation of Sound Creatures by David Kamp make their sonic re-appearance as acoustic models in an open drawing session.

Ted Parker

Want More? Well, there's more:

The Character Walk, a tour through "far too many" Berlin art spaces, leads you past 30+ exhibitions of originals, sculptures, installations and limited editions by this year's conference speakers and international artists. To make it more overwhelming (exhausting), the tour is no longer limited to the Mitte district, but ventures off to a second centre in the midst of the creative scene of Kreuzberg and Neukölln.
And as if this weren't enough, every single night - always until the early morning - character infused Club nights grant you entrance to some of Berlin's most exciting locations: Ranging from a Characterized Cut&Paste night to a CharacterScope 360 degree VJ performance (featuring your own characters) - the accompanying sonic pleasures are in the hands of trustworthy live acts such as Candie Hank, Matias Aguayo, Deadbeat or Dat Politics. But even though we know, all of that will be announced only in 48 hours HERE...

OK, dear reader, to sum it all up: 3 days with 27+ speakers on 2 stages plus 100 animations, including 30 exhibitions, as well as 4 nights of character clubbing.
All for 1 ticket.

You do the math!

Counting on you,

peter and lars

Thank you for reading this (from the 2 of us)!

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This month's imagery from top to bottom: PictoBerlin contibuting artists Osian Efnisien, Ori Toor, Mark Gravas & Javier Tommasi, Jeff Soto and Ted Parker.