April 2013

Only a few days are left before PICTOPLASMA ERUPTS and releases a multitude of brave, new characters into the grey Berlin skies. And by now the available amount of online passes for the main Conference is frighteningly nearing extinction. Should you plan to go pearl-diving for precious visual gems hidden in the expanding WHITE NOISE of imagery, you'll need to act fast!

White Noise


11-13 April

At the heart of the Festival, the Conference invites a global scene of artists and character connoisseurs to gather for 3 dense days with 27+ inspiring artist presentations on 2 stages, 100+ state of the art animation screenings, hands-on jam sessions and numerous art happenings.
Beware: Both, the number of available seats and allowed attendees granted entry to the Conference are limited: we expect to be sold out any moment now!

Pictoplasma Conference

As a last, yet unpredictable chance, we'll try to hold back a very small amount of full conference passes for all those of you without online payment skills but showing up first on April 10, from 13:00 onward, at the central Character Walk station PLATOON KUNSTHALLE!

OTHERWISE: Even if you find yourself in Berlin between April 10 - 14 without the conference pass, don't despair: there are endless, wallet friendly opportunities for you to immerse yourself in the Festival's offerings.

Character Walk

10-14 April

An endless exhibition agglomeration of numerous project spaces, galleries and art venues throughout the creative scenes of Mitte, Kreuzberg and Neuk├Âlln, awaits you with character driven exhibitions by many of the participating conference speakers and international artists. This is your chance to expose yourself to hypnotic 3D skulls and pirate cockerels from Mexico, lava lamp loops forming fleeting anamorphic moments from Israel, tiny felt tip dots spread over large rolls of paper from Wales, pink chewing gum locked in an endless kiss from romantic Russia, and spatial installations of elaborately laser-cut wood layers, straight from Argentina.
Printed maps to help you navigate through this madness will be provided at all participating exhibitions locations - FREE ENTRY!

Animation Screenings


11-13 April, 20:00 & 22:00

4 brand new animation programs compile the very best of today's characters in motion, rhythm and narration, with selected work ranging from stylish ID's all the way to highly bewildering psychedelia. SPOILER WARNING: Expect an endless stream of eye-candy creation, spiced with suicidal rain drops, beard-themed musical innuendoes, luscious finger puppet intercourse, the Batman-saga narrated in 1 second, a chicken reenactment of the French revolution and the bewildering falsetto of a digital Venus of Willendorf. Additional to their conference premiere in the mornings, all programs are repeated daily at 20:00 and 22:00 in rotation, treating you with a big-screen visual ride you're unlikely to get anywhere else. At least legally. Tickets at moderate 7,- Euro available directly at the venue.


10-13 APRIL

As if all that weren't enough, every evening, and always until far too late, a series of parties, performances and club nights invite you to dip in and out of the character madness, including the Festival's WARM-UP PARTY at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE (April 10), character gladiators battling it out at a special CHARACTERIZED edition of CUT&PASTE (April 11), the grand 360 degree CHARACTERSCOPE evening at GRETCHEN (April 12), and the POST-PICTOPLASMA PARTY at URBAN SPREE (April 13) - sending us all off into the open void of a final white noise overdose...


Shine on,

peter and lars

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This month's imagery from top to bottom: Pictoplasma 2013 Opener by Dante (phase-by-phase) Zaballa, a 3D chicken by El Grand Chamaco, mysterious dots by Osian Efnisien, finger penetrations by Alex Grigg & Ryan Kirby, and a TagTool session, as can be witnessed at our opening party on Wednesday.